"classic Athlon" ?; Stability problems with my ASUS K7V


Mar 29, 2000
Hope some body can help me!!

Two weeks ago I installed a new burner (LiteOn 32x12x40) in my rig and about a week later it started acting up, generating errors in Norton antivirus, MS IE5.0 and other programs and rebootet without notice in the middle of whatever I did.
My Setup is as follows:

Asus K7V rev. 1.01
Bios V 1003
Athlon slot A 600@600 With "Titan Golden Orb"
Quantum fireball LM Plus 15 gb
PC 133 Ram (Apacer CL3 128 and 256 and some 128 block marked with what looks like an M w/ a long "first down line")
Toshiba 40 speed CD
LiteOn 32123
Teac Floopy
Leadtek Winfast 3D S 320 II TNT2 32 MB
Soundblaster live player
3Com 10/100 ethernet card
Logitech Itouch cordless keyboard and mouse
HP950c USB Printer

I tried formating my HD and reinstalling, but I couldn't get through the process, b/c it saying it couldnt copy a file or the files were in a non recognicable form.
A friend told me that it sounded like a RAM problem, and I tried runing the PC with each of my blocks on its own, and it still gave me problems. So I reseated all three and it started getting further through the installation process, and finally was able to install Win 2000 pro MS office 2000 without problems. BUT after 24 H it started acting up again and still is!!:-(

Could it be my HD? or is it a Bios Thing?


Cool Breezes

I really need my PC for my Ph.D. -thesis, which has to be finished in 4 months.



Feb 26, 2001
Well first off ditch norton, thats the worst program I have EVER come by, and causes more problems than it can fix. I would try installing windows with a different cd-rom. I had a DVD-Rom that caused bad OS installs. When ever I used it to install an OS, I would have problems and errors within the first day of using the computer with the fresh install.