Citrix - Delayed printing, published app


Senior member
Mar 13, 2009
We have a Domain environment, users connect to the Domain either VPN tunnel or web browser to access their published Citrix Apps. We are currently migrating cross Domain, (example is the old domain, is the new) all users authenticating through AD, both new domain and old are needed for certain apps / hardware depending on the client.

Any who - this client has various MS Office 2007 apps published. This one user can authenticate and access, can print without issue, no delay, no errors - to all Citirx MS Apps, except Outlook. Once the user wants to print, the print dialogue box takes 3 - 10 minutes to appear, then confirm your printer, hit print and another 5 minutes. Makes no sense that the Outlook print job takes that long to spool for this user.

I have validated this issue, remotely - word, excel are fine - simply outlook. The user prints to the same printer each time, we changed printers and it does not matter the printer selected, same result. the printer in question is USB not IP based. Its a HP printer, using the generic HP 4000 driver. enhanced features have been enabled and disabled, but makes no difference.

This client has 20 different Citrix servers to connect to, and it does not matter the server - simply Outlook. The user has the 20 Citrix servers desktops published in their program Neighborhood and we have ensured the printer is available and has been added to the users printers on each server, associated with their login, and set as their default.

Obviously permissions are not an issue. Now, this client PC is Win 7, no biggie, yet the user did see this type of behavior using their old XP machine. I cant see a network profile as being an issue, but hey, u never know, although due to a corrupt roaming profile for this user about a year ago - we had to re-create their network profile.

Anyone with any input, thoughts, they are very much welcome.