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The Godfather

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Jan 13, 2005
dude what is it with the long ass posts? :)
not reading it but i guess u are a doctor or a nurse of some sort


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Feb 4, 2003
Originally posted by: Rami7007
as you are eating that cracker, amylase in the salivary glands are breaking it up into glucose... oh its to late... i wont even go into how pepsin is secreted in the stomach by the gastric glands along with hydrochloric acid to break down protiens into amino acids... i dont even think ill go into how the liver creates bile and stores it in the gall bladder and is used to emulsify fats... Or how blood passes into the glomerulus of a nephron in the kidney from the afferent artery... from there the filtrate in the blood is filtered into the bowmans capsul and the "clean" blood continues into the efferent artery and the filtrate passes through proximal convoluted tubule untill it reaches the loop of the henle where water is secreted back into the blood by active transport... Then travels to the distol convoluted tubule, out of the kidney to the ureter, into the bladder to be stored and out the urethra when you piss...

Wow... i am REALLY bored
Cliffs notes:
If you eat a cracker, you pee?


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Dec 26, 2004
wow... that was a good laugh amcdonald!! thank you i needed that... I was just rambling on.. im bored waiting for some to answer my thread that i keep bumping... i went from digestive to renal... wow im getting bored again... almost started up again...

oh and im NOT EVEN CLOSE to being a doctor or a nurse