CIA says insurgents now 50,000 strong

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Feb 17, 2002
Pers - <<Anyone who questions our motives is an unpatriotic prick.>>

I'm sorry. I'm not too familiar with your posting style, were you being sarcastic?


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Oct 9, 1999
Originally posted by: Lucky
why has it become acceptable to quote a speculative and extreme opinion on this matter as fact?
When it coincides with your beliefs.


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May 22, 2003
Originally posted by: dirtboy
Originally posted by: Lucky
why has it become acceptable to quote a speculative and extreme opinion on this matter as fact?
When it coincides with your beliefs.
Kind of like the entire original argument for invading Iraq.


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Feb 26, 2002
50,000 insurgents? It's obvious that the liberal media is spreading more lies. There are only 5,000 insurgents according to a US general, and we all know that the US Army would never, ever lie to America.

The US Army would never lie

Originally posted by: burek
'We could lose this situation'

The White House yesterday drew up emergency plans to accelerate the transfer of power in Iraq after being shown a devastating CIA report warning that the guerrilla war was in danger of escalating out of US control.
The report, an "appraisal of situation" commissioned by the CIA director, George Tenet, and written by the CIA station chief in Baghdad, said that the insurgency was gaining ground among the population, and already numbers in the tens of thousands.

One military intelligence assessment now estimates the insurgents' strength at 50,000. Analysts cautioned that such a figure was speculative, but it does indicate a deep-rooted revolt on a far greater scale than the Pentagon had led the administration to believe.



Nov 17, 2002
Originally posted by: jjsole
Originally posted by: Gaard
Originally posted by: VioletAura It is going to be sweet when the US runs out with their tail between their legs and Saddam resumes control... back by overwhelming popular demand. If they didn't like Saddam before, they like him now.
I realize everyone is entitled to their opinion, yet I don't think it would bother me one bit to see your sorry ass booted out of here. I get the impression that you probably don't really believe everything you spout, you just want to be a d!ckhead.
I don't see his comments all that far-fetched. With sadaam and cronies still alive, the old republican guard and military may unite out of loyalty fairly quickly to feed into any implosion of power of the occupying forces. They hate us because we don't give them back pay and don't rehire them, and if this resistance continues to gain momentum, we may lose something that we will never be able to regain, power and control over who fills the vacuum, and sadaam may already have a leg up on the others for having survived the occupation so far.

Its a stretch, but not unfathomable. Complete anarchy is probably a lot closer than we are led to believe.
I don't care for the way VioletAira expressed himself, but I think jjsole is right. It is not that hard to imagine Hussein or his followers regaining control of Iraq. If unrest continues to grow and more Iraqis become motivated to violence against the U.S., we'll be faced with a tough choice: put way more boots on the ground or pull out. If we pull out, Hussein or his minions are certainly strong contenders for the throne.