Chromebook Certain Keyboards Do Not Work?

roger frank

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Jul 18, 2020
I have a chromebook bought over 2 years ago from best buy online. Its a chromebook 14' celeron processor with 32gb ssd and 4gb ram. I notice not long ago when i pressed certain number keys... 1 2 3 4, it would not work. I have to press it really hard to get it to work. At the moment, none seem to work and its only these keys. Few months ago... it worked somehow but i kept pressing the buttons really hard.

I know chromebook has option to powerwash to erase everything and start brand new. But would that even work or absolutely not? And if I do that... that mean any files/videos i have on my chromebook will be completely wiped? If so, i dont want to do that. I have a few gmail accounts i log into my chromebook in and i have tons of web pages that are opened and bookmarks saved. So that means i would completely lose all of that as well?

Does anyone have ideas on what i can do? Its only those number keys... everything else works. Is my keyboard malfunction for only those keys? Do i need to buy a new keyboard? When i connect an external wired keyboard to it... that works.

Anyone can give me feedback on what to do here? I mean i dont want to spend a few hundred dollars to buy another chromebook if i could fix it some easy way. But do they even sell chromebook keyboards online though? My other issue is im outside the US so its hard for me to buy something like this now. I would buy it when i go back to the US but looking for any tips here. At the moment, i can press anything on it except those keys. The other thing is a few times i have gotten water on the keyboard keys... but i did that even a year or two ago but never had any issue. But when my keys stopped working, those exact keys... it wasn't right after i got some water on it though.

Model is Acer CB3-431-C5EX

N3160 Processor



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Jul 6, 2007
1. Buy any USB/Bluetooth keyboard.
2. Use on-screen keyboard
3. Use voice dictation
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