Question Chrome on Windows 10 - changing downloads folder


Jul 11, 2001
I mostly use two Windows 10 computers in the house and have the data I care about the most on my NAS. Thus, either computer has access to the data. I have created a couple of folders on the NAS specifically to contain downloads by either of these 2 computers. Thus, I can access downloads made by one of the computers from either computer. I set this up by changing the default download folder from \Documents to the folder designated for downloads by that computer that resides on the NAS. This has worked out great except that occasionally I can't find my downloads. Those downloads start going to the specific computer's \Documents folder for me. Sharing isn't a solution because each computer is put to sleep when not being used. If I go into Chrome's settings and look at the setting for Downloads it says the appropriate folder on the NAS, not the \Documents folder. Why, I can't guess or imagine. To fix the snafu, I change the Downloads folder in settings to some other folder, then change right back and it works again. WTH is going on?


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Aug 11, 2001
I used to have that happen once in a while on Chrome, except it was set to save to a local, not networked folder and would revert to the documents folder.

Hasn't happened in a long time though (guessing 18+ months) I'm not sure if it was fixed due to a Chrome update or doesn't happen now because I use Chrono Download Manger, add-on:

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