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Chris Webber take it to the hole!!!! DAMN IT!!


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Feb 22, 2001
the Kings could have beaten the Lakers if Chris Webbos would just stop shooting those damn jump shots especially from 20+ feet away leave that for the other shooters on your team!!
you are a Power Foward not a Shooting Guard!!

so pissed off everytime he pulls up for a jumper!!

listen to the groupies that follow you around and take it to the hole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Jun 16, 2000
Have you ever watched the kings play? webber lives off that 20 footer.

The kings have the same problem as the blazers... nobody is the man. The lakers end the game with the same 5 guys who started (at least until Chick puts the game in the refrigerator). The kings and blazers have a starting team, then a finishing team. Why does J. Williams never play in the second half? Vlade? What was Adelman thinking having Webber guard Shaq? Is that how you get your "superstar" going: let him get dunked on every time down the court?

Phil knows how to win. Dunleavy and Adelman don't.

Na na na na. Na na na na. Hey ey ey... :p


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Feb 1, 2001

<< Why does J. Williams never play in the second half? >>

Jason Williams doesn't play the second half cuz he can single-handedly erase a 12 point deficit FOR THE OTHER TEAM. He has the talent to be a star, just not the brains.


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Jul 26, 2000
the problem with webber (or cwebb, whatever his name) is that he thinks he's a great shooter now. his strength lies in his power around the basket, where you can only hope to contain him. it's weird, he used to be an awful FT shooter, now he's much better and must think he has a great jump shot to match. it's pathetic!

i've been watching him ever since he was in college and his performance vs the lakers was awful, on both sides of the ball. man, that game would've been over by halftime but a guard for the kings (jackson?) kept them in it. i saw ho grant just walk around webber for a layup, and he didn't even bother to box out shaq most of the time.