Choosing the right air purifier


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Apr 3, 2019
Hi all,

I live in a studio apartment in Portland, OR and the living space is about 220 square feet. The kitchen is about 80 square feet and the bathroom is about 30 square feet and they're all connected without doors. I don't have allergies but my apartment gets incredibly dusty. My furniture is covered in a fine layer of dust every 2 days and the air often feels stagnant. Summer is coming up so I'll have my AC unit going, but I don't see that solving the dust issue or quality of air.

I bought Pure Enrichment PureZone HEPA air purifier that supposedly works up to 200 square feet which is close enough to the size of my living area, but the thing is so tiny and the fan seems so weak unless it's on the high setting. Will this suffice or should I return it, but the bullet, and spend the extra $100 for the Coway AP-1512HH that covers up to 361 square feet? It's still worth having a purifier even if you have an AC unit, right? It would be great to be able to use at the medium setting and still have the air nice and clean.

For what it's worth, both of these have stellar reviews on Amazon.
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