Question Choosing an immersive display for a high end rig (3080 ti)


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Oct 9, 2021

I have recently made the "investment" in a high end rig.
This PC will power my 55" Oled TV, but I am going to add a monitor in a separate desk setup.
These are the specs of the PC

About 4-5 years ago I owned what was a high end rig at the time, and had an acer x34 ultrawide. I think it was the first round of x34 displays. info here
I am looking for something similar, but I am a little out of touch on the current display technology and what would be a solid option for me.

In recent years I have become quite fond of my Oled TV, so I am not sure I can go back to a low contrast ratio easily.
Knowing this I have looked around a little and I understand that current VA panels are quite strong in this aspect.

Ultrawide is what I am leaning towards, but I am open to other suggestions. immersion is important to me.
What I didn't like about the x34 I had was the backlight bleed and uniformity, especially in dark scenes i would see certain parts of the monitor appear gray. this really bugged me.

What is not important:
High Color accuracy. I am unlikely to do high level professional work on the display. nice to have though
Insane refresh rates: While I am happy to game FPS at a high refreshrate I am not looking for a 360hz display or something like that.
Panel Type: I am open to suggestions here since I haven't kept up

What is imporant:
Resolution: 3440x1440 or higher,
Black uniformity.
Above 144hz.
No 48 inch oled, I know this might come up. but this is just too big for me. if LG made a 37 inch oled or something I would probably buy it, but 48 is just too big.