Chicken Wings


Feb 14, 2002
Double fried is how the real wing shops do it and how I do it. It's the same principle as Korean fried chicken which is double fried. Frying it the second time gives it the crispy and crunchy outside which is what you want. Plus the restaurants double fry because frying wings take really long time to cook from completely raw. So they cheat and fry the wings ahead of time so it's only partially cooked. Then they set it aside and let it rest. Later, when customers order wings, they take the rested wings and finish frying it. Since the wings are partially cooked, it doesn't take as long to finish frying the wings. Customer has shorter wait and the wings are actually better because double frying produces crisper and crunchier wings. When my brother-in-law had his wings shop, I ate chicken wings, philly cheesesteak, and fries almost everyday for about six months. I was so addicted to the wings. But I almost failed my physical because of it so I stopped eating it. Now I only eat wings every couple of months but I still love it. But frying is the best. Get that baked crap out of here.