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Cheapest phone card??


Jun 8, 2000
Guys, just wondering where I can get a great deal on a phone card for state to state calls (tx to philly), where they just bill me monthly to my address. I live in a dorm and travel a lot, so I can't hook up for a long distance phone service. It's gettting annoying going to gas stations and buying phone cards over and over again.

If anyone knows a good deal and could point me in the right direction, i'd be grateful for your help.


Golden Member
Oct 10, 1999
If you have a Sam's Club warehouse store in your area you should be able to get a prepaid phone card for as little as 6 cents a minute for 1000 minutes. If you go to http://www.samsclub.com/ and do a search on "phone card" you'll see what they offer. This has been the best deal on a prepaid phone card I could find. The ones at other stores are usually much more expensive and not for nearly as much time. Don't know about the current ones but in the past you could add more minutes to the card using a credit card when you get low on time.