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    looking for a VERY VERY cheap low budget OK video card for my backup PC. A card that will be able to run Java games will do just fine. Games like Minecraft and Salem....but also run WoW or low settings. PCI-E

    By low budget i mean less than 20-30 50 tops

    Currently have a Geforce 7025 ON BOARD(build into my MOBO)
    *if none is the option can anyone pls tell me how i can make this setup more effective/run better*

    Also tips on tweaking my computer to increes my computer performance would be appreciated specs below

    MOBO: MSI GF615M-P31
    RAM: 2G DDR3
    WINDOWS: Windows 7
    Harddrive: 80G
    Soundcard: Soundblaste audigy ls
    P/S: 350Watt
    processor: AMD Semperon 145 2.8Ghz
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