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Cheap laptop to learn Word, Excel


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Mar 5, 2003
My wife wants to refresh her 10+ year old skills with Excel and Word. I am working at home and using our desktop all day, so she wants to get a laptop to do this learning on and not be in our home office.

Since she doesn't work we are trying to be budget conscious. Based on what she wants to use it for I think she needs 15" minimum or it might be a pain to work on Excel? I do have an external (not HDMI) monitor she could use but the doesn't like the idea of finding somewhere to set it up.
I don't know much about laptops, do I need to worry about the keyboard? Same deal here she'd rather not deal with a detached keyboard.

I don't expect her to store much, so an NVME with 256G is probablyy sufficient?

I assume CPU power and graphic power are not a big deal for that use? Or are Excel and Word CPU pigs that will make her experience unpleasant?

I'm guessing for my budget, nothing will come with Word or Excel pre-installed (I don't think she wants to learn the web apps).

Wifi is a must but I assume everything has wifi nowadays?

I saw an Inspiron 15 3000 for $299 that may be a candidate, but let me know what you think.