Question Cheap graphic card please guide me


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Nov 18, 2020
I ordered ryzen 3600 but know i need graphic card
But my budget is very limited because order something
But i don't want play game , and only work with adobe Photoshop and for video editing software for video rendering

So someone told me , buy only display adaptor because video editing no need powerful graphic card

and i don't want buy used graphic card because of risk of quality

Now only tell me is there any cheap brand new graphic card or any display port about maximum $50 ?

and what is their mean about display port ?

thank you


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Jun 8, 2005
Whatever you get at $50 new is already going to be an ancient piece of hardware anyways, (like an NVIDIA GT 710 from 2016), so why bother with new? Get something more modern and efficient with better codec support for video by buying something used. With patience, you might be able to get a GDDR5 based AMD RX 550 or DDR4 based NVIDIA GT 1030 for around $50 used.

But if you must have new, an old NVIDIA GT 710 is probably your only real option for a 4 year old card that's still getting driver updates.


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Jan 31, 2011
A 710 is more like 6-year old card since it's Kepler-based, but you're not going to find anything else that can be had new in that price range that's any more recent. If the prices weren't so out of whack right now I would suggest getting an APU instead of a 3600 since the onboard graphics will be more than enough, but the availability on those parts isn't good and the prices have generally gone up.


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Nov 14, 2011
I would buy a Geforce 1030. It's a much newer card than the cheaper alternatives, so you will get driver support for longer and have fewer compatibility problems.


Feb 25, 2004
GT710 (almost always a DDR3 card) performs worse than most igpus.

GT1030 is an alright card, but if often sells for $50-70. And its even worse at the moment. That's a lot of cash to drop if all you want is to run photoshop.

Cheap video out pci-e king seems to be OEM pulls of radeon r5 cards. You can buy those used on ebay for $10-20 all day long. And they're actually faster than the GT710. Main downside is the 1gb vram but you were not likely swimming in the ram with the other options either.


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May 5, 2017
For $50 there is very little options right now, I expect this to change massively in 3 months when we have a lot more stock of GPU's and the full range of cards is released by Nvidia and AMD, but for now your options are very limited.

If you can find something like the GTX 1050 4GB for $70 that might be a solid option for you right now!


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Jan 31, 2011
I doubt that there will be better, cheaper options in three months. Neither AMD or Nvidia are releasing low-end GPUs like that anymore because APUs have basically made them obsolete and the extra cost of a board and other components for a discrete GPU that's little more than a glorified video output component eat up any possible profit that might have existed for that market.

Anything that does get made for that market is almost assuredly an OEM only part that would have to be bought second hand. Anything that is released to the consumer market isn't going to be priced below $100 and is probably closer to $150, so it's not a good option for anyone who just wants something to serve as a display connector.


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Aug 11, 2001
But i don't want play game , and only work with adobe Photoshop and for video editing software for video rendering

So someone told me , buy only display adaptor because video editing no need powerful graphic card
You should look into what benefits there are to GPU acceleration for your video editing software, because it is not true that video editing doesn't benefit greatly from that.

As others have stated, there is not much in the $50 price range worth getting.

As for as what they mean about display port, what monitor and resolution are you using, does it use display port as the only digital input or does it do HDMI also, or (eek) so old it only does DVI?

I tend to agree with Guru that trying to find a GTX 1050 for $70 would be a good value, did not realize they were around that cheap new.

Is this system built already or do you have the option to change parts to use those supporting integrated video for a while until you decide to change that?


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Dec 19, 2008
Stick to your CPU. Only get a GPU for display purposes. At this price point.

The performance of a GPU in Photoshop/Lightroom is minimal compared to what your CPU is already doing, so buying a GPU for photo editing is a total waste of the money. So don't bother. The performance gains in video editing, encoding, etc, can be significant but not with a $50 GPU. You are far better off right now just flexing your 3600x's performance and benefit those 12 threads for the video editing work and the single core performance for the photoshop work, that's the bottom line.

Again, the GPU will only be of significant importance for video editing/encoding with Premiere and some effects that are done there, but not all. Not much else; relative to the CPU.

Save your money. If you want to spend money and get significant performance increase for video editing and photoshop in general, you're far better off spending this money on a 5000 series CPU with better single core performance a get more cores/threads for the video side of things.

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Jun 3, 2006
I assume the $50 limit is because of a tight budget. For the price range, instead of the (Zen 3) Ryzen 3600 CPU $240 you could get a (Zen 2) Ryzen 3400G APU $210. It has onboard Vega 11 graphics. The motherboard will have to support the APU, but there are many inexpensive options. It would give better video performance than a GT 1030 but slower than a GTX 1050. You can always add a better GPU or replace the CPU/APU later when you are ready for an upgrade. There are benefits to the 3600 in processing power, but the 3400g may fit your budget better.

A Display Port is a kind of connection between the monitor and the computer. The two common modern types are HDMI and Display Port. In your price range it is unlikely a card will have Display Port. It will have an HMDI connection and some legacy connections like VGA and DVI. You should look at your monitor and see what kind of connections it takes.

If you prefer the card, then the only GT 1030s I could find with Display Port are MSI branded. The RX 550s commonly have Display Port. These are about $85.
(Update to reflect, this is probably a scam) I did see a brand I don't know selling a GTX 1050Ti for $75. IYSHOUGONG GTX 1050Ti 4GB GDDR5 128bit HDMI DVI VGA , but it does not support Display Port. More bang for you buck, but you take a risk of a poorly made card with unknown brands.
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Aug 25, 2001
I did see a brand I don't know selling a GTX 1050Ti for $75.
OP, don't buy the "1050ti" that was linked in the above post, it's FAKE. None of the Pascal 10-series cards had a working VGA port. AMD and NVidia both deprecated VGA around that time, and cards stopped using it. The fact that the above "1050ti" has a VGA port, means that it is a prior-gen card, maybe Maxell (if you're lucky), or GT730 (Kepler), but most likely, Fermi (GTX 460/560 re-branded with hacked BIOS). AVOID!