Chassis and Artic cooling fan not working/showing up in Bios

Tae Lia

Junior Member
May 17, 2011
Made my first computer yesterday with no problems with the exception that the chassis fan that came built into my Xigamatek Asgard Case comes up as N/A or Ignored in Bios and wont even start at all if Im lucky I get a twitch out of it at first then thats it. Its a 3 pin have seen it once or twice try to start up and it stops am I missing something or is it a faulty fan? I am having exactly the same problem with my Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 rev.2 CPU cooler which does the same thing (4pin) regardless of where I put them on the motherboard yet my stock cooler for my cpu works fine. Have I been really unlucky with both fans? Am I missing something somewhere? Or could it actually be the motherboard or even PSU both of which work fine in every other way. Have also updated the bios with EZflash but its made no difference. Specs are: AMD Phenom IIX4 955BE Asus M4A88T-V EVO PSU 650w CiT Windows 7 Home Premium Thanks for reading :)