Changing/creating a custom serial ID on a flash drive (low level blocks)?

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Jul 22, 2000
My company is getting some drives made in China that we're sending out to various vendors. To make a long story short, there's preloaded software on these drives that is uniquely tied to the drives' serial ID. In order to activate the software, the customer has to log into a website, which reads the ID and decrypts the program. Unfortunately, we ran into a problem with one of the packages where the manufacturer didn't load the correct ID. Instead of sending them back to China and having them reload (which is going to take quite a bit of time), we want to do this ourselves. We have a means to get the software loaded en-masse (so any kind of formatting is ok), but at this point we can't alter the serial IDs. This will also help in future distributions where we can just order the drives blank, load the software ourselves, and load the serial IDs as well.

We got some direction from our middleman on using a program called Alcor/AlcorMP which can do some low level formatting and alteration of blocks on flash drives. Unfortunately the program isn't picking up the flash drives (any flash drives for that matter). We tried several versions of the program on various operating systems - no dice. The closest we came was getting one Win7 machine to recognize the drive as "unrecognized flash", but it still didn't auto-detect the settings which is required to proceed.

Apparently Alcor is (was?) used to fix frankenflash scam drives sold on Ebay, so it does work. Here's some more info on it:

I should mention that we're not tied to this program in any way. The only thing I need is to be able to alter the serial ID on a set of flash drives (currently ~125 of them); how I do it doesn't matter. I'm still looking into it and I heard Linux may have an easier time accessing some of the lower-level information on Flash media. Unfortunately this is above my head so I would greatly appreciate any help or direction.


EDIT: I downloaded a utility called CheckUDisk and it properly recognizes the drive and the serialID, now I just need to change it. No luck on Google yet finding something that works.
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Feb 22, 2007
Need the VID and PID of the drive or the manufacturer and number of the controller chip used, then I can tell you what programs you need.
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