Info Chance to purchase the doom figures again!


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Dec 24, 2000
Remember the old Doom Pewter figures? Well, these probably won't have the 1996 dates on them as they are "reproduction"...

But, you can get the WHOLE lot for 200 bucks. That's a pretty good deal, and even comes with a foam case. Probably won't be as collectable as the originals. But, over time, they will go up, I got my pre-order in already, I already have about couple of sets still in cardboard blister packs from 1996... So... I spent the 200 bucks for the reproduction one (one 1 per household), tho, not like you couldn't use a friends address for another set, but...I'm thinking in 3-5 years, these will probably be double the value as a reproduction even. Even if not, it's still cool to look at them.