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Discussion in 'Mobile Devices & Gadgets' started by think2, Nov 11, 2012.

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    As I mentioned here, I bought a new / refurbished cellphone from cellphoneforever.

    I've never used a smartphone before and I'm finding this one hard to use in more ways than one. The resistive touchscreen requires way more pressure than I would like to have to use, though I find my fingernails work much better than just fingers. It has Windows Mobile 6.5 on it. I have difficulty figuring out how to close some applications so I ended up with some apps running that were using massive amounts of (virtual??) memory which I eventually discovered with task manager and closed them, but by then the thing was malfunctioning - it got stuck in landscape mode, various buttons wouldn't work, it ran very slow. Power off on didn't recover, soft reset didn't recover, hard reset fixed it.

    Is it likely that this "lockup" was a software bug/ problem due to my inexperience with it and Windows potential for crashing - or is it more likely that the phone has hardware issues? I have a 14 day right of return so if it's a hardware problem, I may not have time to find out.

    I also might install Android on it and see if it works any better.
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    Omg, why did you pay for this? Never get a device more than two years old... It's not cheaper then anyway.
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    return it.

    do not install android, or anything else, just return it.
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    If you want an Android phone, buy an Android phone, not a Windows phone.

    Just exchange it. Windows Mobile 6.5 is so dead.

    The absolute bare minimum Android version you should look for is 2.3 (Gingerbread), but 4.0 or 4.1 is much better. (2.3 phones will be cheaper though, since they're older.)