Celeron @950 vs. the rest??


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Aug 9, 2000
I have a PIII 450 and was planning to upgrade to a PIII 700 but I was looking into the celeron and was wondering how a 633@950 celeron would hold up to a PIII, Athlon k7/thunderbirds.

In other words, what speeds of these would be equivalent to a celeron running at 950?

Just want some expert input.


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Oct 9, 1999
The rule of thumb (where did that cliche come from anyway??) is that you subtract 200 from Celron speed for PIII equivalent. 250 - 300 for T-Bird equiv. Now .. since we don;t compute much with our thumbs..... Real World experience has shown me that a Celeron at 900 runs with a PIII 750 and a T-Bird 700 and a Duron 800 in 3D apps. 2D apps are FAR closer. My suggestion... Go with a Celeron and spend the extra money on a Really Good Graphics card. Also ... Good luck finding a 633 that will even POST at 950. Better bet is a 600/900 but those are rare. Most will top out at 83/90 FSB even with 1.9V