CDROM Installation. How much would you charge?

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Jan 12, 2001
a couple of things you have to keep in mind.

when you install anything... on anyone's computer...
especially if the person is ignorant of computers...
then, you're obligating yourself of any damage that may come to what you're installing and the rest of the computer... for the life span of those components.

unless you trust the person to be fair... i wouldn't do it.

imagine... jack(client) asks you to install a cd-rom in his computer.
you charge him $30.00 for that installation.
after installation, he downloads some pron app from the net with some virus attached to it.
his harddrive breaks down.

he calls you and blames you for it.

not a happy customer.

you guys may think ... well, you don't have to help the guy... since it's not your fault...
but that's not going to stop jack from spreading a bad rumor... that "you suck"... around to everyone that you and he may know.... reducing the possiblity of any future business.

so... if you're going to do it...
make sure the both party understands what's included in that $30.00.

personally, i stop doing these things... for the aforementioned reasons.

got burned too many times.

i'd only do it for my friends... and only for a couple of drinks.
ok... lots of drinks. :)