cd rom drive has vanished from my computer,maybe because i updated the via 4 in one drivers, and how can i fix it?


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Jan 6, 2002
i just went to install half life, and the cd rom drive has disappeared from my computer

thinking back, today i installed the latest 4 in 1 drivers for my via motherbaord, and when restarting the computer said something about some problem(blue screen) and said it would sort it out, i didn't really take much notice, i think something to do with the IDE controller, then after that i booted up again, didn't notice much, oh but windows detected all this new hard ware, to do with IDE controllers (this was the first time i updated the drivers since i got the motherboard like 2 years ago).
looking at device manager, and the hard disk controller, there is the primary IDE controller, and secondary IDE controller, both have yellow exclamation marks by them, then it says there is a standard dual PCI controler, which does not have a ! next to it (oh but i don't actually have a PCI card that controls the hard drives what the hell?)
what do i need to do to get my cd rom back? i just resently formated and reinstalled windows i don't want to have to do all that again!


amd k6-2 450mhz
128mb SDRAM
Fic Va 503+
western digital 12.6 GB hard drive secondary master
P.O.S 1.7gb hard drive as primary master (not used though)
cd rom is secondary slave