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Catholicism Will Be,.. Outlawed??

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Jan 16, 2014
The problem with the worst Christians is that they want to impose their beliefs on everyone else. What is interesting is that they are all afraid of Sharia law being imposed in this country, even going so far as to get laws passed prohibiting it, yet they can't see they hypocrisy of imposing their own beliefs on non-believers. I'm a happily lapsed Catholic and most of the reason for this is because I saw through the hypocrisy. As an altar boy I saw lots of 'sin all week and be forgiven on the weekend' people over and over again. As a Christian you can do no wrong as long as you can convince your fellow Christians that you have righted yourself with God. You don't actually have to do so, you just have to convince others that you have. Why do they find themselves being fleeced by charlatans over and over again? Their faith. Most people have heard the description "unrepentant sinner" but what should be said is that most Christians are "repeat repentant sinners" because unlike the unrepentant sinners they abhor, they have a get out of jail card that they can exercise after any sin!

Too many Christians will play the victim card over and over again because that is all they know. If they can't convince all of us to join them then they will do everything to impose their will upon us anyway, much like Sharia law, and cry about being oppressed they whole time. They will use any method to force others to live by their beliefs, even going so far as to murder people they see as violating Christian law.

What is really sad is that most of the religious fighting and warring in the world is between the believers of the same god. Some god.