Question Cat6 RJ45 Connectors for Cat6a 150ft+ runs?

Mr Bob

Golden Member
Sep 6, 2004
I'm having a lot of trouble finding a technical answer on a question that I feel should be a quick google search.

I have a bunch of 23AWG 150+ft shielded Cat6a cable runs that I need to connect to a Cat6a specified patch panel.

Is there an actual difference between a Cat6 Keystone, or Cat6 RJ45 ethernet connector? Is introducing that the same as limiting the network/lines to the Cat6 specifications (specifically degraded signals past 150ft)?

I've seen a few listings for 23 AWG Cat6 Keystones or RJ45 connectors and just want to make sure I do need to shove out the $$ for the rated Cat6a connections over the Cat6, to maintain the 10GB potential.

As long as it's for 23 AWG, I assume the internal copper connections are all standard width... but I'm probably missing something.

Anyone familiar with the limitations? I don't want to run Cat6a to wind up with ends that limit to Cat6 speeds.