Cant find any info on this laptop


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Jun 18, 2012
Does anyone have a review on the HP Spectre x360 with this configuration? It has a 4k screen, core i7-10510U comet lake processor and the Nivida MX250 card. Can anyone give me any info? How does it do gaming wise? Thermals? From my understanding the comet lake is more efficient then icy lake. Im buyng a laptop for my wife and debating between this and a msi-gs65 customized by xotic pc. She wants to play games and also use it for her work. That variant would be 2060rtx, 144hz screen, 512gig m.2 and secondary 500gig m.2. It will have cryonaut compound on the cpu and still debating between getting 16gigs of ram or 32 gig dual channel.


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Nov 21, 2005
16gb and 32gb will do almost nothing for gaming on a laptop, it won't have enough real world performance breakthrough because of the limitations on the TDP designs on laptops, anyway. as for desktops, Q4/2019, desktop RAM is way inexpensive compared to ten years ago as of this post, that debating the upgrade from 16gb to 32gb is almost negligible in price.
$100 - $150 for Desktop 32GB DDR4 RAM..

4K can be a harsh environment for U-processors as of 2019. Avoid if possible. They're so weakly driven in performance architecture (because of power saving features), they can hardly, adequately, handle external displays at 4K. You'd have to shut off the Intel graphics and keep it almost entirely on the nVidia graphics card, which by the way, is seriously not meant for modern gaming.

Unless you're a hardcore gamer and must be on the go, get a high-end gaming laptop. Otherwise, stay home and enjoy the game on a gaming desktop like the one you mentioned.
Even if you're a LAN party pro, we'd want a fully decked out gaming laptop, not a half-hearted HP Spectre.