Question Cant figure this out... PC Hardware Question.. Please help a newbie out..


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Feb 4, 2019
Long term reader here.

Here are my specs.

ASUS ROG Strix-F X470 Motherboard
Ryzen 5 2600X @4.2GHZ all core 1.39V (Fractal S36 360MM AIO Cooling) (Stays very cold)
16GB DDR4 3200 B-Die G.skill
500GB Samsung 960 EVO m2 ssd
6GB RTX 2060 using latest drivers as of 2-1-19
QNIX QX2710 27" 2560x1440 (Overclocked refresh at 98HZ)

My issue seems to be the FPS that I am getting. I play only a few games, so maybe its just the titles that I am playing. I am not sure. I am basically having terrible FPS spikes. In WoW, I can get 100+FPS then just running around the towns it can drop to 50. Then spike back up to 90+. I know online mmorpg games can have latency issues or whatnot, but that's a drastic swing and pulling me out of the experience. I messed with in game settings and even turned VSYNC on, but for the most part its all about the same.

I then tried another game, car mechanic simulator 2018. Just to see if it would do that on an offline style game. It can be playing smooth, than randomly it just jutters down and almost catches back up, though not as noticeable as in WoW.

I had a GTX 1060 6GB Card before this one and also a b450 auros motherboard, which I sold to a friend then decided to go for the asus strix x470 and rtx 2060, and it seemed to be doing it with that old video card and motherboard.

My questions would be, Can it be the monitor? Maybe pushing 1440p with that card might be messing something up? I can return the card and maybe go for a 2080 instead? Or maybe the CPU is bottlenecking it? I can also return the board and cpu and look into 9900K even?

I try to set the monitor to 1080P but for some reason it won't scale properly and the games look terrible. I mean, very ugly, and scaled wrong. Should I look into a Gsync monitor? Should I downgrade to a 1080P monitor and maybe get a 144hz gsync one instead? I like the productivity side of using 1440p for more real estate but this juttering in games and dropped fps is really making me upset.

Or can it be the hard drive? It says in samsung magician that it has the latest firmware and in good shape. I have had it about a year now and never had an issue. All running on a clean install of the latest build windows 10 pro. I even thought it was a software issue. So did a full redo on it with all the latest drivers.

Sorry for such a long post, but I am pulling hair out here. I feel like I am at a loss. The card as well as CPU are not overheating at all either. Not even close to any sort of max temps on either case..

Please help!


Jun 12, 2018
A 2600x and 2060 should be ok with 1440p, also you didn’t list a PSU...

For poop and laughter save your OC profile for the CPU and try running at stock see if that makes a difference, could be the CPU OC isn’t stable.

Are you running max graphics settings in games?


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Feb 4, 2019
Sorry. Corsair 850W RM850X Gold Rated. A Month old. I didn't try it at stock settings. I will have to try it, but it is just boggling me.


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Sep 1, 2002
What do you have running in the background while you play (web browsers, chat clients, torrent apps, etc)?


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May 4, 2000
Sorry. Corsair 850W RM850X Gold Rated. A Month old. I didn't try it at stock settings. I will have to try it, but it is just boggling me.
I could be wrong, but it seems like I've seen in many reviews that CPUs like the 2600X and 2700X perform the best in a fair amount of scenarios when they aren't overclocked, and are left to use their Precision Boost 2 and XFR2 features (provided the cooling is good and they have room to stretch their legs).

I know there are exceptions to this, but that's what I've gathered since their release.
AMD is marketing the unlocked multiplier on all their processors as a unique selling point. We tested this on the Ryzen 5 2600X with mixed results. Yes, overclocking is possible and our sample reached 4.1 GHz stable on all cores, but that won't always give you higher performance, as our benchmarks show. The underlying reason is that Ryzen has very clever Boost algorithms that automagically increase clock frequencies beyond rated stock frequencies. Out of the box, the 2600X will boost to 4.2 GHz when just a single core is active, which is higher than what we managed with manual overclocking. As a result, single-threaded applications will run faster than without overclocking.
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Mar 4, 2004
Not sure if you have the same model as me, but mine is Dual link DVI (DVI-D) only for input. Adapters didn't work.

The QNX QX2710 that is.