canon S600 printer is spotty


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Jan 28, 2001
everything it prints has big gaps, like the heads are all clogged up or something.

I did "cleaning" and "deep cleaning" from the printer utilities a few times and it makes little difference.

I just remembered that I've never replaced the printhead on this printer (in the S600, it's seperate from the ink) and I've been using it for about 3 years.

so is it time to replace the printhead? does anybody else have this printer? I want to make sure the printhead is the problem before I drop $45 on a new one (about how much the printer is worth)


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May 20, 2000
Did you try taking the printhead out and putting it on a wet paper towel for about an hour or two? Leave the cartridges in it so it doesn't dry out from that side. Leave it in the sink because it will make a mess.

Then clean it up and stick everthing back in and run a deep clean.

See if that works.

If you are satisfied it's no longer working...I'd consider buying a new Canon i560 printer at Sams or Costco for $79 inc. USB cable.
The printer is faster and has better quality than your old S600.



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Feb 23, 2001
Yup - it's that time. Time to replace the printhead -- or the whole printer, as Macro suggested. You can get a new printer for just slightly more than the printhead. When the printhead on my S450 died about a year ago, I replaced it with an i850. I went with the 850 so it would use the same cartridges because I already had quite a stash on hand.