Can you post W2K\Radeon Q3\UT benchmarks here?!


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Jun 21, 2000
I want to know how my system stacks compared to others to see if its tweaked enough.

Q3 800x600 bilinear 32c 32b everything maxed=30.2fps. I know that has to be improvable!
with timedemo127
UT 1600x1200 32c 32b everything maxed= average while playing 35fps with 15 bots.

I have DX8a,latest VIA drivers,and the W2K AGP fix, and the second latest beta W2K Radeon drivers. My Radeon64DDR o\c'ed to 200mhz I do not have SP1 as it renders my HDD useless!(not good) I've screwed around with the services thinking that disabling some would boost performance but to no avail. I'm running a dual-boot with 98se and I get 119fps in the same Q3 test and over 70fps in the same UT test. Thats a 75% and 50% decrease in performance just by switching OS's. Is that to be expected or am I doing something wrong?
Feel free to PM with any tweaks or suggestions you might have. I just love W2K but want more out of my vid card. Thanks in advance!



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Feb 3, 2000
Whoa, the UT score seems to be about the same as mine, and I don't know about Quake 3. I am sure you can get more than 30 though, someone help this poor soul.


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Apr 24, 2000
Ok, for comparison:

UTThunder demo 1024*768 32Bit D3D:43.34 fps OpenGL (S3TC) 51.24
UT Bench demo 1024*768 32Bit D3D: 29.86 OpenGL (S3TC) 29.39

These scores are with 3100 drivers (the 3102 official i have now show same results) and P3 700@700 Radeon default.(183/183)

Now with 933Mhz:

UTThunder demo 1024*768 32Bit D3D:44.78 OpenGL :63.55
UT Bench demo 1024*768 32Bit D3D: 35.6 OpenGL: 37.16

these arew avg. frames. The P3 933 Radeon combo should be equal to a Tbird 1ghz as the game works better on Intel/Radeon as on AMD/Radeon.

rest os rig´s stats are in my sig.

Q3TA: 1024 32Bit HQ (with everything max) 700: 45fps in demo 127
at 933: 55fps in demo 127