Can you completely replace RAM and processors?


Dec 13, 2000
I know, Im an idiot, but can you replace a processor or memory just by taking it out and putting in a new one? And also does adding 2 sticks of memory double the speed or what? Im wondering if I should buy a 128mb stick of RAM now and then get a 256 when i have the cash, or borrow some and get the 256 now (if its too hard to upgrade it). Thanks.


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Oct 11, 1999
Putting in a new and faster cpu is simply a matter of plugging it in, as long as it's compatible with your motherboard ... and sometimes the motherboard BIOS requires an upgrade. Memory can be added at any time, and 128MB is quite satisfactory, even for win2k, so it's of little value to borrow money to get more.


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Oct 25, 1999
The answer is Yes, and NO.

The physical action is just to take out the CPU, and stick another one.

With memory you stick an additional one, or replace.

BUT you have to know what to BUY, and that depends on you specific system.

Most Motherboards have limits when it comes to upgrade, you have to know the limits of your Motherboard.

Doubling memory improves the function of the computer but does not double speed.

I assume that you have currently 64MB or 128MB. If you are short of money an additional 128MB will probably be enough, no big gains beyond 196MB or 256MB. However not all memory module fit or work with every computer, so again you need to know what you have.