Can someone translate this for me?


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Jul 19, 2001
But, well, I'm a bit confused.

Backstory: I had previously posted a thread at Head-Fi asking if anyone had a used pair of Sennheiser HD580 Headphones for sale but subsequently found a pair and was no longer interested; however, before I marked the thread as dead I received the following pm's (I've included my replies)

Him: (relatively easy to follow)
I've got a brand new pair of Senheisser 580's and I have a pair of 600 grills along with a 650 cable. 1+1+1= 1 modded 580 brasnd new in box. I will take what I paid plus $30 gfor the excercise.$315 all included if in North America. I would sell for less had they cost me less. Let me know if interested. I can ship the modded pair upon receipt of paypal.They are Brand new and can be shipped in new individual parts. The headphones 1 box, the grills and cable in seperate box or I could build the modded pair. Your choice.

Thanks but I've already picked up a pair of hd580s. Any chance you might want to sell the 600 grills and 650 cable separately?

Him: (still ok)
No Thanks,
I'll use them for myself. If you wantred a spare pair of 580 I'd extend you a ghood price though.

---- 2 days pass ----

Him: (wtf?)
Are you aloud to steal my ad?

Your what? huh?

Him: (and this folks is where I get lost)
In any case if anyone requires a new pair of 580's I've got 1 pair I can let go which have been built but they are most obviously new. You can tell by their look as well as their new tyope sound. A touch of grain in the midrange. Bass not yet properly developed and more of a 2 d type of sound with nothing much of a sounstage. These phones are noyt broken. They are new and require electricuity flow through them and the drivers could use to be naturaly loosened for proper break in.I am not the initiater of this post but I am quoted so the deal stands except I'll do a bit better if more apprporiate. I just don't wish to take a loss on something I've not even yet used.I'm not after profit but a return of my initial investment or there abouts would be nice. For those who would like to go through the motions I believe the 580's are available on eBay by seller id brianf. He is a good seller and he may have the last of the 580's. If youer after a new pair for $169 then eBay's store by brianf(I forget the name iof his store, It may be proaudiomart or something like that. For the love of the 580's check no further than brianf on eBay. The grills and cable are now apparently available the sennheisser USA. I love these phones and may actually purchase another pair if brian will hold a pair for me longg enough.580's rule!!!

I understand that English may not be this guys first language, but WTF is he going on about?



Sep 10, 2001
it sounds like he reversed engineered the 580 headphones and is rebuilding them in his basement and is trying to sell them as the real thing. lol


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Oct 28, 2005
He wanted $315 for HD580's with different grills and stock cable? Ahahahahahah. That's almost what I paid for my HD650's. Hell, I bought the HD580 Jubilee's new for $225 way back when.