Can I report cats that kill bunnies? **PICS

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Apr 29, 2001
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Rabbits are pests. Cats are beneficial animals that kill rodents... like rabbits.

I'd rather have a rabbit in my yard than someone else's cat that stinks up the place. I had to pluck one with my air rifle.

yip cats are a bigger pest than stray cats. come to my neighborhood and ill show you.

Imagine an area with no cats and I'll show you an area overrun with mice and rats.

In no way, shape or form are cats more of a pest than rodents.

WTF j00 smokin'?

Lemme tell ya, I've been smokin' the good stuff and I still know that you're wacked out if you think cats are a bigger pest than rats, mice, shrews, voles....

We have half a dozen cats around here, and the rabbits seem to be doing fine....

Have you ever seen a cat try and catch a full grown bunny? It doesen't happen very often. That bunny was most likely sick or weak in some other way.

Just chill. The fact that you would even think about killing the cat for killing a rabbit shows how delusional you've become. :p

Oddly enough, he's probably against the death penalty. Jealousy maybe?