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Question Can I pair a Razerbook/XPS 13 with an LG CX OLED?


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Jun 6, 2017
So I'm looking to replace both my laptop and my old desktop with a combined setup.

My primary use will be productivity with some gaming and entertainment on the side. Here's what I'm thinking

Base Machine - Razerbook 13(waiting for full reviews) OR XPS13 - i7 11th gen, 16gb RAM

Main Screen - LG CX OLED (48 currently unavailable in my country and may never launch so Im left with the 55 - I have the space and the distance to make the larger size work if needed)

Second Screen - 24/27" to be decided.

eGPU - Razer Core with nVidia 3070/3080


1) How much will the base machine limit gaming performance? Should I go for 32GB RAM?
2) Will this setup be able to drive the main screen @ 4K 120Hz + a second 4K screen?
3) 3070/3080 availability is also very limited so if I have to wait for that - is there a chance well see HDMI 2.1 on laptops next year?
4) Without the eGPU - what will my external display capabilities be limited to with just the laptop?



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Dec 22, 2020
Its the worst experience after purchasing Dell XPS 13.

I had purchased this laptop 5 days before.

And I am facing a lot of problem with this device.

First of all when I bought it home it was not working.

So I went to the shop from where I had bought it. They told me to talk to customer care when I called they told me it's your mistake .

It is not at all user friendly it starts producing smoke if you will work continuously for 10-15 minutes.It's not reliable also because of its slippery surface at the back.It's just a wastage of money and nothing else because I purchased this laptop from my savings.

And it just got wastedService and support is the worst experience of mine the customer care executive don't know how to talk.