Question Can I manage connected devices from a switch, not from the wifi router?


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Apr 23, 2000
So I have a Nest mesh wifi router that works pretty well but there isn't a way to manage the system (other through a phone app). The Nest wifi router connects to a switch and the switch connects to a modem. Is there a way for me to do wifi device management from the switch since I can't really do it from the Nest or does the switch not get information about connected devices?

Mostly what I want to do is be able to block Chiner wifi cameras from being able to call home. But it would be nice to be able to manage all the devices through a web app, not a phone.



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May 14, 2002
Chiner wifi cameras from being able to call home.
On the Google WiFi app go to Family WiFi. If it's your 1st time there you can create a group otherwise just skip group creation. Then you'll see a screen where you can pause/restart Internet access per device. I do that to my less important devices like printers. They have no reason to be on the Internet, other than the occasional firmware update. While paused, they work perfectly fine on my LAN to print stuff.

To directly answer your other question, yes there is, by buying another router and setting Nest WiFi to AP (bridge) mode, but if you use MESH you'll lose it.

If you want more VERY intricate details about your LAN such as the exact WiFi MCS and # of streams, speeds your WiFi devices are connected you can visit:

and save as a text file. Search for station dump. There is a breadth of information for geeks like us. I enjoy seeing the actual MESH connection streams and speed between points and the last few db seen and average as well for all wireless devices.
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