Can anyone help me remember the name of this TV show?...

Jun 29, 2002
My co-workers and I were discussing the resurging popularity of superheroes/superpowers in film and TV. We then got onto the topic of older TV shows that had characters with superpowers, and I can't remember the name of one of them. Here's what I remember:

- Aired sometime around 1990 on Sunday's around 6ish pm (CST)
- 30 minute sitcom
- Family with a mother and daughter that could stop time by putting their hands together
- Hilarious hijinx ensued
- The mother may or may not have been an alien (this is why only the mother and daughter could stop time, but not the father)
- The intro showed the daughter opening the front door which causes a can of paint to fall off a ladder on the other side. She then stops time and catches the can of paint before it hits the floor.

Google has been surprisingly useless on this one, so any help would be greatly appreciated. It's driving me crazy.


Mar 31, 2003

this thread reminds of that TV movie "The Girl, The Gold Watch and Dynamite"...

I think Pam Dawber from Mork and Mindy was on it...the dude had a watch that could stop time...from what I remember, I liked when I watched it over 20 years ago...:)