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Can Anyone Find this reference in the Patriot Act?


Nov 14, 2002
Can anyone fine where these are referenced in the Patriot act? I haven't been observant enough to find it so far.

It would authorize secret arrests in immigration and other cases, such as those involving material witness warrants, where the detained person is not criminally charged.

The act would allow for the sampling and cataloguing of innocent Americans' genetic information without court order and without

And, incredibly, the act would shelter federal agents engaged in illegal surveillance without a court order from criminal prosecution if they are following orders of high Executive Branch officials.


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Mar 2, 2003
Originally posted by: NARtheWang
I already have been through this.. I was using this page as one of my source sites
Ok I see,

the laws are usually broadly written and the empowered agency is charged with the interpretation of the law which they do either narrowly or broadly depending on what they wish to accomplish and this occurs over time as new issues arise. At this point we don't know what challenges may occur regarding the Constitutionality of its provisions. So when you ask a question or use a series of non articulated events regarding the law it would be lawful for the agency interpreting it to act using the reasonable person standard of interpretation to justify what they intend to do or have done. These actions are the issues the courts then have to deal with as each case proceeds through the system.