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Can’t connect to WiFi on Luxul router behind ATT Arris BWG210 after 30sec, Ethernet consistently works.


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Aug 29, 2020
Hello, i have a 6300 Square foot home. I'm trying to use AT&T’s residential gpon fiber with their BGW210 1Gig/1000mbps service.

I've hired a customer audio and video company to equips my house with an integrated advio video system with multiple wifi access points. The devices and networking equipement that they use from what I understand all talk together to a different manufacturers router than the BWG210 supplied by At&t.

The company I'm using has multiple clients home with all the exact same equipment from Luxul and they are trying to configure in my home.

After multiple phone calls and multiple hours and sometimes over a few days this custom a/v company gets AT&T support to help them put their routers MAC address into the BWG210 and adjusts a couple of other settings. Everything usually works harmoniously.

At&t’s Arris BWG210 doesn't have a bridge mode.Could something be blocking or interrupting the 2nd router's WiFi after 30 or so seconds?

However not at my house yet. After configuration the BWG210 passes through well to the Luxul router and we are able to connect to the 2nd routers Ethernet ports all the time,but after about 30 seconds we can no longer connect to the 2nd routers WiFi.

Help, I used the local cable companys service before. It's just not a reliable and dast as At&t fiber; however, their network plays better with others. What I mean the At&t fiber is great, but the BWG210 that they make you lease dosn't cut it for gaming, not for large homes. Yes the gave the Airtie extenders, but really they aren't very good either.

I understand a little about internet security and that the BWG210 needs firmware updates from At&t to keep the security up. I understand that At&t dosn't support equipment behind their router, but come on customers do it all the time.

I also understand At&t is rolling out a faster more capable ont and and an ont router combo with faster transfer rate over ethernet and wifi, but that's only in select markets.

I don't want to cancel my service with At&t, but I'm going to have to if I can't get to the bottom of why this won't work.

We were getting high bit errors one ATT tech said, so I think they changed out the BWG210 and to little white ONT box. The technician mentioned there was a problem also with my neighborhood splitter (whatever that means).

Any actual engineering upper IT technical savey persons help or recommended web links would reall helpful. What settings do I need to check or look fo?

Thank you.

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Oct 25, 1999
The BWG210 is a Wireless Router.

Disconnect every thing from it make sure that it configured correctly as suggested by the ISP, then use it with only one Ethernet connected computer and one good Wireless Laptop.

Work on it for a while and see how it works. If it is working well then you know that your issues do not stem from the ISP service.

Start to add, one at the time, the additional Gizmos and find out when/where it starting to faii.

In general there should not be more than One Router on a Home Network. Past the first Router evrything has to be configred as a Switch, or and Access Point.

I am am Not familiar wit the Gizmos thta where installed on your system. you would have to educated yourself, or find someone that really understands Networking. Most of 3rd party Installers are Not good educated Network technicians.