Camera system for remote surveillance of a place in another house


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Feb 19, 2015
Can anybody recommend a good, affordable and secure solution where I can set up a surveillance camera in a place in one house and than from a different house check in on a laptop to see if all is okay in that place in the other house.

Would be best when the camera goes on in that place that a little light on the camera also switches on so we always know if the camera is on or off when we are in that place.

Which would be good options and would the camera need to be connected to a computer, so the access would go over the internet (so hackers could potentially also see it) or is it also possible to have a direct connection between a laptop in a different home and that surveillance camera in another house?

What are my best option and how would I have to set everything up? Thanks for all good feedback on this.
Mar 3, 2000
I have an Argus 2 and Argus Pro. I like them. You do need internet and, yeah, someone could hack into them. Strong passwords man. :D