Camera bags: Anyone have experience with the Kata T-214 Torso Pack?


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Aug 20, 2000
While I don't really have any make-or-break complaints about my Lowepro SlingShot 200 AW, I do think it could be a better bag. Despite its bulk, it surprisingly lacks on storage space for camera accessories. I'm also not a big fan of how clumsy the whip-around action to get access to the bag contents is, which I think is attributable to the bag's shape.

On and off for the last couple of months, I've been looking at this review of the Kata T-214 Torso Pack. It seems to be just what I want: Room for body and lens, two extra lenses, a flat pocket in the rear for papers and manuals, and proportionately smaller than the 200AW.

Since Henry's is the only retailer near me who offers it for sale - and only through its website - I was wondering if anyone here is using the Kata T-214 and could provide feedback on it.


Jan 3, 2006
Haven't owned one, but I tried that out in a store (Samy's). Kata bags have an amazing build quality that will last years. However I didn't select this bag, because it screamed a little "look at me". Even the access to the camera is easier with the Kata, but I like to keep the bag in front during a quick shot, then return the camera and re-sling the bag. The kata seemed to bulky for my taste.
So, for me...easier to bring camera out, distracting to shoot with.

Just my thoughts....I'm sure you can try one out and return it or sell for near the price you paid for it if doesn't work out.

At least with the build quality, it does have an "upgrade" feel to it. Even keeping in mind that Lowepro build quality isn't faulty. (I own three lowepro bags and one Tamrac)