Calling all mechanics: brake problems?


Jan 15, 2001
*Is there an ASE mechanic in the house?*
If so here is my question. I have an 99 chevy tahoe 4x4. It has a 5.7 with automatic tranny with the auto track system (4x4 select on dash). Recently while driving to work the anti-skid brakes actually slid on the snow while braking. This is where I think the trouble started. That was about 1 1/2 months ago. Since then my gas mileage has decreased considerably. I figured well it has about 40k on it, maybe it needs a little prevent maintenance done to it. I checked the brakes (front) the rotors did have some grooves in them, nothing very bad. I cleaned them up and reinstalled them. I changes the spark plugs (even though I know it has nothing to do with the problem), they weren't to bad. The truck acts as if it does not shift to overdrive at all. So while driving it I pull it down to 3rd gear from o.d. and it does go into 3rd so I figure the tranny is working proper. I also have selected the different modes of 4 wheel drive and all seem to work like they should. Thinking back to when the anti-lock brakes acted up I remember it seemed like it was the front brakes that locked up on me. It was for only a second that they locked up and I let off the brakes (while in surprise). So I was thinking that the problem is in the front braking system. I did notice that while working on the brakes (calipers and rotors removed) that the front axles were a little stiff to move in either direction. So does anybody have any ideas (besides take to it a garage and pay somebody to fix it)? I hate to pay for something I can eventually fix myself by asking the right person. I am a mechanic, just not the automotive type. Thanks for any input on this matter. Mark

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Oct 10, 1999
Try taking apart your calipers one weekend and buying a 3 dollar vat of axle grease. Sounds as though your bearings need a little axle grease.

Its a dirty job, but if you have the time, and do it yourself you can limber up your fronts wheels nicely and only for the cost of the grease.


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Jan 12, 2001
maybe the front brakes are dragging too much? that would explain the gas mileage and how your wheels are hard to turn by hand. you can feel them when they are dragging... the wheel should spin freely