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calling 4870 owners


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Jan 29, 2007
Is anyone willing to test out some overclocking on their 4870? I remember seeing some review translated from another language saying that GDDR5 clocks of ~4400mhz gave amazing results, sometimes more than just clocking the core to the max. In my personal experiences (could be different on 4870's) you can usually max out the core or memory frequency higher individually vs. simultaneously. On my 8400GS for example, i can do core/mem of 730/630 or I can do 679/770, but i can't do 730/770 with stability.

I would like to know which yields better framerates (game of your choice) with the HD 4870:

1. maximum possible core overclock with stock/mildly oc'd memory


2. maximum possible memory overclock with stock/mildly oc'd core

Anyone willing to provide a quick test will be much appreciated.


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Nov 16, 2008
I am sure it is all gonna depend on the games that you use for the benchmarks.Some games are more shader intensive and some use up more ram.

I dont have a 4870 so I can't help with the tests.Just keep in mind what I have just told you


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Jul 9, 2008
Memory speeds depends what memory brand you get. Gainward and Palit 100% have the 1000+ memory chips in the 1GB models, but are hard to find on some others.

Either way lower memory clocks don't seem to effect my core clocks, so I just go with both maxed.

Here's some crysis benchmarks

1680x1050 All high with shaders on very high

Stock 750/3600
Avg 42.00 Min 32.27 Max 50.85

Overclocked 825/3900
Avg 45.72 Min 32.47 Max 55.59
9% increase

1920x1080 All high with shaders on very high

Stock 750/3600
Avg 36.75 Min 28.84 Max 43.72

Overclocked 825/3900
Avg 40.11 Min 29.70 Max 47.96
9% increase

1920x1080 All very high

Stock 750/3600
Avg 23.43 Min 17.31 Max 27.06

Overclocked 825/3900
Avg 25.70 Min 19.27 Max 30.01
10% increase