Californians - - I sent in for the petition....


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Jan 22, 2002
I decided to request a petition form. Anyone else interested? You can order them online:

Here are some points from their website:

The federal government cannot protect homeland security as long as states are issuing driver?s licenses to individuals whom virtually nothing is known about except the fact that they have broken U.S. immigration law.

? The 19 September 11 hijackers possessed 63 state driver?s licenses that they used to facilitate their terrorist activities. States that issue driver?s licenses to illegal aliens imperil the entire country by giving potential terrorists access to documents that make it easier for them to implement their plans to attack our nation.

? A driver?s license is a ?breeder? document. It assists the bearer in securing employment, registering to vote, transacting financial business, purchasing a gun and boarding an airplane, among other things.

? Driver?s licenses in the hands of illegal aliens and potential terrorists render them nearly invisible from federal immigration enforcement authorities.

? States that endanger homeland security by ignoring the obvious potential consequences of granting driver's licenses and identification documents to illegal aliens, including potential terrorists, must be encouraged to change their laws or face loss of federal transportation funding.

Anyways, thought some Californian's might be interested.


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Apr 22, 2001
well, it's a worthy effort but IMO it's too little too late. anyone so eager to commit a terrorist attack as to fly two airplanes into the WTC will find a way to secure any documents they need. it may take a little longer, but they'll get them nonetheless.