California talking about banning small engines?

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Jun 13, 2000

This article is a little more abrupt, but I read about this yesterday somewhere else.

My home has 1/3 of an acre. I can push mow it with a typical gas powered mower in roughly 30-35 minutes.

If I was going to do the same kind of job with my Kobalt 40v push mower, it would require more than 1 battery pack (maybe 3 total) and I may even have to mow portions of the lawn twice....OR mow the lawn more than once per week because the electric motor is constant speed and doesn't have a governor to increase torque when the blade is hitting more resistance. This is the problem with electric mowers. They work ok, but have the limitation of balancing their charge with the workload. In my case, I bought the Kobalt mower for $139 to try out and specifically got it because it's 19" wide, so I can fit in in places my other mowers can't go. I only use it for trimming a few areas and use a riding mower for the rest of my yard for the sake of time.

I own 2 other houses and mowing there requires a riding mower and about 3 hours of time. They can pass that legislation in CA, but it won't fly in the rest of America where we'll just go somewhere else to buy all that yard equipment and the states will be out the sale's tax.

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Sep 26, 2011
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Jun 17, 2010
That Kobalt sounds like a POS … electric mowers are far better than that these days. I have just over a tenth of an acre in the city and can mow it like four or five times on a charge. Craftsman 60V IIRC, $150 on clearance two years ago.

No ban needed for me to choose to have one less small engine to deal with .. weed trimmer as well. I have a real snowblower though, not going to cut through the ice at the end of my driveway from the plow with an electric. It has run like five hours total maybe in the last three years that I’ve had it so highly doubt it’s doing any significant damage to the environment 🙄
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