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C2D/2gb Ram VS New sandy bridge + mobo as a 24/7 Htpc/Nas server in power efficiency


Apr 14, 2012
I have a :
Core 2 duo e6300
Gigabyte 965p ds3
2gb ddr2

I will have to get a PSU and a GPU


New sandy bridge pentium
New Mobo
New 4gb ram

Is the Igpu enough for htpc duties?

The 2 x 3tb hard drives and PSU will have to be purchased no matter which system I go for.

My main question is how much will the savings in power usage be as a 24/7 HTPC cum NAS server. As the cost per KWH in singapore is 26.28 cents.

So will the difference in expense about 100SGD be recouped in power savings?


Senior member
May 8, 2012
I held off on answering because I didn't want to do any math regarding the electricity costs, and I still don't. Will you save money on your bill over the C2d, especially with the added discrete GPU? Yes. Also, if you run Air conditioning, you room will be ever so slightly cooler with the newer chip, so reduced cooling costs. As to how much, I'm far too lazy to answer.

Regarding the iGPU, anything Sandy Bridge and beyond (which includes the Gxxx series) will run HTPC duties just fine.