...by means of brute force


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Jun 25, 2000
I have a CoreBuilder 9400 switch here with un-known passwords for the 'administer' and 'debug' accounts.. (There are two other accounts that I know of, 'read' and 'write', which have blank passwords).

Because this unit is in my physical control, I would suspect that a brute force would be the most prudent course of action to getting the password(s), seeing as how latency and bandwidth are neglegable (1000BaseSX for bandwidth ;) ).

Ask the person that set it up, you say? Well.. whomever that is, i'd like to meet him, honestly.

Send the unit back to 3Com? (as they suggested in my conversation with them on the phone) They'll do it; for a price: $1,900.

I've tried nearly everything in my book of tricks for gaining access to this unit.. it all boils down to brute force. Does anyone have any suggestions on which program would be most applicable? Preferably one that generates passwords on-the-fly within certain ranges..