buying new duron system. any recs? i want to hit a gig


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Apr 4, 2000
ok i think i'm gonna sell my celeron 900 and abit bf6 mobo to get a new duron system.

i am planning to get the abit kt7.

to hit a gig, which duron should i buy (600, 650 or 700)? any store you guys recommend?

also what HS should i get?



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Jun 4, 2000
You need a lot of luck. I have had three durons and the best one does 900mhz. It is all luck! Of course buying the right stuff will increase your chances. Look at my signature. I have all the good stuff. You could try www.cputester or the overclockerz store. I had a problem getting my good shipped from the overclockerz store and had to cancel my order. The difference between 900 and 1000 is so small that it is insignificant. You will pay twice as much for a pretested cpu that does 1000mhz. You see before 1000mhz you will reach the fill rate of your video card in games. I would love to have a cpu that does 1000mhz but I am going to give up. I guess I was not one of the lucky ones. Good luck!