Buying a rental car...


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Dec 24, 2004
I know most of you say stay as far away from a rental car as possible, but here is my situation. I have a limited budget but still want a good car. The rental Mazda 6's I see run about $4000-5000 CAD cheaper than a private/dealer Mazda 6 of equivalent age. The milage is high for a 2004 car, but that is obviously expected of a rental, especially one being sold. However it is 60,000kms so not ridiculously high. The car has a clean carfax as well. Looks quite tempting. My thinking is that usually rental cars may get abused by people, but they are also quite rigorously maintained. Do you think I'm taking a big risk with it?

I know there have been threads on this in the past but I personally couldn't find one in the search. If anyone has any links to threads with my exact question, that's helpful too. Thanks.