Bush visits families...in ENGLAND!

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Red Dawn

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Jun 4, 2001
Originally posted by: chess9

Well, attending funerals is different from visiting the parents or wives. Bush IS visiting the parents of dead ENGLISH soldiers. And didn't Clinton have several families of Gulf War victims to the White House?

Yeah he was never one to miss a good Photo Op! Of course I would venture to say that Bush visiting the Families of fallen English Soldiers is just a Photo Op.


Jan 25, 2000
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oh yeah...we're just a bunch of hypocritical morons for being upset that people died for absolutely no reason in Iraq.
Exactly. People couldn't have cared less if the President attended funerals when soldiers died in Afghanistan. Now that you're of the opinion that they are dying for "no reason" suddenly it's an issue that the President isn't attending funerals. Hypocritical is exactly the right word. Deal with it.
There is a difference. The Afghanistan war was brought upon us by 9/11, Iraq war was brought upon us by Bush. Having unnecessarily sent these soldiers to die, the least Bush can do is attend a funeral of at least one soldier to acknowledge the sacrifice they are making for his unneeded war. Instead he is trying to reduce them to just numbers by barring showing of the actual casualties. Bush apologists can have a different opinion.

No there isn't a difference except you ( and the rest of the hypocrites) are trying to use the circumstances of their deaths to further your own political views. They are just as dead and they died fighting for their country. The President hasn't attended funerals for any .mil member who died in either war but to the hypocrites who had nothing to say about it till now, it is suddenly an issue because it gives them another opportunity to scream about a war they don't agree with. That is what the issue is, end of story. Not about the soldiers and not about their families because if that was the case you would have made this an issue since we invaded Afghanistan. You didn't, therefore you are hypocrite using a feigned concern over soldiers deaths and their families grief to further your own politics.
Bush sent them to die to further his political views. Hundreds unnecessarily dead for his "Mission Accomplished" photoop. Billions wasted, and more to come. Bush is visiting Brittish soldiers' families to thank them for their sacrifice, but doesn't think it's approprate to visit American soldiers' families and thank them for theirs. That's the real hypocricy. Maybe if you weren't a Bush apologist, you would see it. He has used war for politics ever since 9/11, and now it's coming back to him, and you rightwingers are upset.
I'm upset because soldiers died period. Maybe if you weren't such a hypocrite you'd really be upset that they were dead instead of using it as a platform to further your own political opinion. I hear it stings when you get caught being a hypocrite but you should really quit trying to rationalize it and just deal with it.
Just admit that you aren't really upset that soldiers are dying, you really don't care if Bush goes to funerals (if you were you would have had the same comments about Afghanistan), you are just using it as an excuse to put forward your opinion about the war. At least then you ( and the others) would be being honest, still a hypocritical POS, but honest.
Oh you are upset that soldiers died? Yeah right. You are upset it's coming back to Dubya politically. I am upset that soldiers are dying for no gain to anyone except maybe Halliburton. Waste of american lives upsets me, but clearly not you. If you were upset about them dying, you would be asking was it necessary for them to die?