Bush Admin hiring workers in India to call people in the US to seek Donations and Support for the GOP and Election

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Jul 25, 2002
Citibank Group is also run/controlled by the Saudi Royal Family, all 40,000 of them are on the Saudi Government payroll.
(I didn't say Citicorp payroll) Saudi Family and Money
(Yeah - I know, Pro Israel - but who knows money connections better ? and it's Washington Post, Super Conservative Pro-Bush)
They have a lot invested in the Bush family, going back to Daddy - it's all the 'Old' oil money, another interesting aspect,
and they expect to get returns on their investments.

I would not be supprised to find that Richard Mellon Scaife is involved in this either,
as they were the money supplier that funded all the Anti-Clinton stuff throughout
Bill's time in office - technically 'Outside' of the RNC, but well co-ordinated.