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Burma-Shave road signs & a trip to Mars?


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Sep 3, 2006

Burma-Shave -- From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Special promotional messages

* Free offer! Free offer! / Rip a fender off your car / mail it in / for a half-pound jar / Burma-Shave

A large number of fenders were received by the company, which made good on its promise.

* Free ? free / a trip to Mars / for 900 / empty jars / Burma-Shave

One respondent, Arlyss French, who was the owner of a Red Owl grocery store, did submit 900 empty jars; the company replied: "If a trip to Mars you earn, remember, friend, there's no return." After he collected 900 more jars for the return trip, the company, on the recommendation of Red Owl's publicity team, sent him on vacation to the town of Moers (often pronounced "Mars" by foreigners) near Duisburg, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.