Info Buildzoid on x370/b350 x470/b450 boards and ryzen3000 suitability

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Jan 7, 2007
general overview of older chipsets and which ryzen3 cpus will not kill your vrm if you are upgrading.

another standard BZ ramble, some new details. long short of it, some x370series boards probably only good enough for the new 6core, you will probably need a x470 with real 10 or 12 phase vrm if you want to run/oc the 12 or 16 core ryzens.

most of his past mb recommendations hold, asus crosshair 7 hero seems to get best of x470 as far as likely compatible with r3000.

his general thoughts on amd reveal
apparently BZ was talking with msi board designers during development of the 570 boards.
some older boards using t-plan memory layout may not work with ryzen3000 which is expecting daisy chain layout in 400 and now 500 series boards. not sure where you will be able to find those sort of details on your existing builds.

We have several Ryzen 3000 threads.
Building, pricing and speculation threads. I am sure your post here can find one of those threads to put this in.

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