Building a computer Help!


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Oct 2, 2000
Hi ,
i am building my first computer
i have all the parts
and i am about to start like next weekend. I have never done such a thing, however i have opened computers and change hard drives and stuff.
My question is, is there anything i should know before i start that the manuals i have downloaded online are not telling me.
Any kind of suggestion would likely more then help since that's my first attemp at such a thing.
Thanks guys, without everyone help in Ars, i wouldn't be that far now, eventhough i haven't even started yet lol
just in case:
Asus A7V
900 Tbird
SoundBlaster Live Mp3+5.1
Encore 12x DVD (creative)
Plextor 32/12/10
Asus A7100/T GeForce 2 MX
2 30 Gig IBM Deskstar (any special setup or anything i should know because of 2 drives?)
Teac Floppy
creative Flash 56/V90 PCI modem
i also have a DSL modem
512 MB RAM Crucial PC 133
Windows 2000

Jeff H

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Oct 11, 1999
A couple of suggestions: 1) make sure the cabling assignments for things like power, hdd light, etc. match up, between the mobo silk screen assignments, and the manual; 2) when you install the standoffs in your case, make sure they line up exactly w/ the mobo, and that there aren't any extra standoffs that don't have a hole in the mobo w/ which to line up. Otherwise you stand a good chance of shorting out the mobo; 3) get the latest Via 4 in 1 drivers for your chipset.

You can go one of two ways w/ your peripherals, i.e. dvd, sound card, modems, etc. (other than the video card, which is needed @ first boot). Either install them all and hope Win2k detects them properly, or do a minimal hardware install, get up and running, and then install your periphs one by one.

Maybe some Win2k experts can offer some suggestions as to which will work better.

P.S. This is not difficult, if you take your time, and RTFM's. Also, my experience has been this is not the kind of project you want to tackle at night, when you're tired. Just a suggestion <g>.